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Quality Interior Paint Sets The Mood

House painting

is labor intensive and can be dangerous. Both interior and exterior painting requires considerable physical effort. Furthermore, every home is different and will require different amounts and types of preparation as well as different mixes of products to achieve lasting results. Whether you are renovating or repairing, Heartland Remodeling has extensive painting experience that produces lasting results.
Heartland Home Remodeling
Heartland Remodeling can even help you select your paint colors and finishes. For example, matte or flat finishes hide wall imperfections, but glossier finishes will reflect more light. Any room can be enhanced with new colors and textures!

We needed several small things done, if you call repainting several rooms a small job. Mark was a delight to work with. He is a man if his word, professional, delivered excellent service and quality work in a timely manner.
- John and Elizabeth of Lake St. Louis, MO.      
  • Bright paint colors in bedroom. remodeling photo
  • Subtle paint in church entryway. remodeling photo
  • Overhead lighting accentuates arched ceiling. remodeling photo
  • Contrasting painted wall with white trim. remodeling photo
  The right paint color and a quality paint job make a room comfy and warm.   Paint and trim can make a room stand out, such as in this church foyer.   Overhead lighting in this church calms and highlights the arched ceiling.   Paint a contrasting color on the top of the wall with woodwork on the bottom.  
  • Fireplace trim and painting. remodeling photo
  • striped painting on wall with trim. remodeling photo
  • trim painting on molding and mantel. remodeling photo
  • commercial interior painting remodeling photo
  The right paint color and a quality paint job make a room comfy and warm.   Don't want to strip wallpaper in the future? Let Heartland paint it for you!   Heartland quality shows in the attention to detail in their trim painting.   The paint on your walls doesn't have to be just one color. We are creative!  
  • church foyer and interior painting remodeling photo
  • door and trim painting. remodeling photo
  • Residential trim painting remodeling photo
  • Detailed residential trim painting remodeling photo
  Church interior painting.   With interesting colors like this, a sloppy paint job would be noticeable.   Custom interior painting of dining room paneling.   Closeup of dining room trim painting.  
  • door painting different colors on each side remodeling photo
  • colorful residential trim painting remodeling photo
  • Dining room wall and paneling painting remodeling photo
  This home has a unique way of changing colors from room to room.   Residential painting attention to detail.   Custom interior residential painting.      
remodeling photo
remodeling photo