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Lighting Installation and Electrical Work

Although you may not consciously notice them, the lighting fixtures in your home are an important part of your style. Updating your light fixtures can modernize the look of your home as well as bring attention to the focal points you choose. The right lighting can also help acheive the mood that you want for a particular room.

Electrical work can be dangerous and is not a project for the novice handyman! Trust the licensed and accredited staff from Heartland Remodeling LLC to install your lighting and appliances, making your home both safe and beautiful!

"Heartland Remodeling does a terrific job. They take into account all the little details to be sure it is done right. I would recommend them time and again."     
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  Heartland can hang your chandeliers as well as choose suitable lighting.   Our motto "No job is too big or too small" applies to lighting as well!   Focus attention on a room's interesting features with track lighting.   Make your house feel like home with a wall sconce in just the right place.  
  Fun and contemporary lighting choices abound: Heartland can help you find and install the right ones for your home.   Heartland Remodeling's electrical experience extends to installing kitchen appliances, too.   Recessed can lighting in a kitchen renovated by Heartland Remodeling.   Overhead lighting in this church creates a soothing mood and accentuates the arched ceiling.  
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